Armadillo Concrete Resurfacing

Very nice  job. Luis is a great guy… on time and punctual…great job.

Luis Castellon,
Auto Body Shop Visalia

Excellent work, very professional, and very sincere interest in helping our business.

Erick Duran,
pool service website

I never considered getting a website for my business, because I tought it was too expensive. Chavez Web Design built a site for me within my budget and helped me rank high on the search engines. Very happy with their services.

Ricardo Reyes,

I had been thinking about getting a website for a while, but I didn’t know where to even began looking. Thankfully I found chavez web design in Visalia. They wanted to understand my business goals and they showed me how a website could help me meet those goals. I liked that they were very upfront about everything and there were no hidden surprises later.

Janet Richardson,

I recently moved to Visalia and didn’t have a single lawn maintenance client. With my savings I purchased a list of clients, but I needed more clients. Chavez web design explained to me how I could get business from the internet so I decided to hire them. At first I was a little disappointed because I didn’t get any clients, but after 3 months my business exploded. They helped me rank number one the search engines and that’s when my business exploded. Within a short period of time I had the same amount of clients I had when I lived in Arizona. I am very happy with the website they built from me and the business I have gotten from my website

Benito Vizcarra,